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Freezing in Zagreb…

Lovely to be back in Zagreb which is looking picturesque, especially the old town, covered in snow and ice. I’ve been giving some masterclasses to talented cellists, and had a great impro session today with the celebrated Zagreb soloists, with whom I play in their 55th birthday concerts on Monday and Tuesday; Haydn C major, and some new arrangements of Golijov, Piazzolla and Jobim for cello and strings. I was taken out to lunch today by a colleague, who was about to order a fish stew with eels and frogs, but the waiter said it would take too long (we had a rehearsal deadline). I was a little relieved, but maybe I should go back and try it? After all, I did try a sheeps brain in Kazakhstan a few years ago…not terribly pleasant if I remember rightly…

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  • Branimir says:

    Dear Matthew,
    I liked to see the website of an artist being updated in this way and really by the artist instead of some PR person. I am a little bit surprised with the menu offered to you, eels and frogs in Zagreb in the middle of winter? I don’t know, but when it is so cold outside (this morning was -14) no sea food would ever cross my mind, there are so many other much more delicious winter dishes, and, yes, typical for this part of Croatia, too.
    Anyway, enjoy your stay in Zagreb, looking forward to your concert on Tuesday. I would appreciate if you could share with us here few personal thoughts about Janigro, because he is the reason, as you surely know, that the soloist of the 55 anniversary concert of Zagreb Soloist is a cellist.
    (Thanks in advance for very interesting program!)

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