Matthew Barley/Cellist

Music is the deepest of the arts, and deep beneath all arts.

EM Forster
The equipment used by Matthew is as follows:
  • Cello by Cesare Gigli, Rome, 1790
  • Modern bow from Tubbs Workshop, England, 90 grammes
  • Flemish baroque bow by Philip Davis, made from snakewood, 84 grammes
  • Apple MacBook Pro, 17” 2.16 Ghz Intel Core Duo 1 GB RAM
  • Ableton Live and Pro Tools LE 7
  • Lacie 80Gb ‘d2’ model firewire hard drive
  • Digidesign 002R rack-mounted
  • ProTools LE ‘Studio in a box’
  • Furman PM8E mains distribution/filtering
  • DPA 4012 compact cardiod microphone with special cello mount
  • Millenia Twin Direct TD1 single channel mic pre-amp
  • Sennheiser Evolution EM312 receiver with SK300 pocket transmitter/ME2 lapel mic
  • Behringer FCB 1010 Midi Foot Controller
  • Digitech JamMan footpedal loopstation
  • Pair of two-way active Amadeus T100A loudspeakers made by Atelier 33
  • Genelec studio monitor 8020A
  • Custom flight case by Oakleigh Cases