Matthew Barley/Cellist

Music exemplifies nature’s harmony – it balances man and heaven.

Ancient Chinese tract

BTN CD reviews

I’ve just been told about a couple of new reviews for CDs by my group, Between The Notes, and I’m delighted to say that they were really positive ones – click on the links below to have a look. I wanted to flag this up here, because both the pieces (one of them reader generated on Amazon) seemed to understand exactly what we are trying to do, and that is always gratifying. They are recordings that we’re really proud of, and I don’t know of anything quite like them…we already have several reviews, including 4 stars in the Independent, but it’s always good to have new ones. (And…you can buy the CDs on this site – CD/DVD on the left – for £10 + p & p)

Amazon “There should be much more music like this on CD“.

Downtown Music Gallery (about half way down a very big page)

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