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The Academy – and some time off…

I’ve just had one of the most concentrated and rewarding teaching experiences of my life working with 9 super-talented teenagers for the tv programme I mentioned in a recent post. I don’t want to go into too many details that would then take away the surprise of watching the programmes when they come out, but it has been just amazing. We had some incredible guests coming in to make music with us, and it was 21 days of intense creativity and discovery.

I am now starting a period of about 4 months rest from touring: I’ll be working from home, preparing for the next year, repertoire-wise, and recording 3 CDs in my home studio. I’m also going to cook loads, and am going to buy a bread-making machine tomorrow. 🙂 Life is good.

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  • Judith Hasell says:

    My young son (age 10) watched The Acadamy last night, and was so inspired and excited to see and hear the young musicians. He says he is now even more comitted to his guitar practice. I also loved the programme, so he and I will be watching it every week from now on.

    I hope the bread making goes well!

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