Matthew Barley/Cellist

See deep enough and you can see musically; the heart of nature being everywhere music, if you can only reach it.

Thomas Carlyle

BTN is Ten!

Between The Notes (contemporary music group I founded in 1997 for the Lichfield Festival) is ten years old, and we are celebrating with a week back in Lichfield with a performance of Making a Song and Dance in the Cathedral next Wednesday (July 11th) night. We’ve already met our group of students and they’re really happening – great working atmosphere with the ability to be a lot of fun but serious too when needed. We will spend the week writing new songs based on things that have happened in the students’ lives that have meant a lot to them in one way or another, and be singing them together with instrumental accompaniment from BTN and a 20 piece band and a chorus of nearly 100 Lichfield young people.

UPDATE: Just home from the concert – it was amazing! The students really got it together on stage – there was some incredible solo singing (Connor, Verity), and 3 really excellent guitar solos (Richard, Toby, Will), and the choir was just brilliant. Everyone who was there was moved by the passion of the performers, so a huge well done and thank you to all involved from all in BTN.