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If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music.

Albert Einstein

BTN is Ten!

Between The Notes (contemporary music group I founded in 1997 for the Lichfield Festival) is ten years old, and we are celebrating with a week back in Lichfield with a performance of Making a Song and Dance in the Cathedral next Wednesday (July 11th) night. We’ve already met our group of students and they’re really happening – great working atmosphere with the ability to be a lot of fun but serious too when needed. We will spend the week writing new songs based on things that have happened in the students’ lives that have meant a lot to them in one way or another, and be singing them together with instrumental accompaniment from BTN and a 20 piece band and a chorus of nearly 100 Lichfield young people.

UPDATE: Just home from the concert – it was amazing! The students really got it together on stage – there was some incredible solo singing (Connor, Verity), and 3 really excellent guitar solos (Richard, Toby, Will), and the choir was just brilliant. Everyone who was there was moved by the passion of the performers, so a huge well done and thank you to all involved from all in BTN.


  • Alan says:

    Currently working with Matthew at BTN having a great time, so far so good

  • Chris says:

    Woooo! Matthew! I can’t believe you didn’t want our Truffel (singular). Ah well, i was told by lauren that saying white for snow doesn’t work so you probably won’t get this comment! lol. i like the website and i have really enjoyed Making a Song and Dance with BTN, im glad there wasn’t much dancing! Hehe! Keep up the good work and it has been really good working with BTN!

  • Lauren says:

    hey matthew its lauren having a great time working with you and btn in lichfield well when your not showing of , its been a great experience thankyou from lauren

  • Laura says:

    Hey Matthew (and BTN)!

    Happy Birthday on your 10th birthday =)
    I am still thinking a lot about May and our workshop here in Cologne!
    We [Hannah, Insa, Larissa and I] miss you all a lot and we hope to see you again!

    Have lots of fun tomorrow! Wish I could be there… 😉


  • Jo says:

    Hi Matthew and BTN!

    I really enjoyed working with you in the Lichfield Festival, I thought it was brilliant! You have inspired me a lot, I look at music in a different way now and I’m never going to forget what you taught us.
    The concert was great I can’t get the songs that we played out of my head, which is good!
    Hope to see you again soon and looking forward for an opportunity to work with you all again.

    Thanks for the inspiration


    P.S: I’m glad you liked my picture! : )

  • I’ve had all the songs going round my head too…..right now the Fear song… was a really great gig – you were all very inspiring!
    Big hug to you all

  • connor says:

    hi matt
    reli good working with you and the rest of the guys. Before the project i was feeling a bit uninspired musically having finished the jazz grades ( which for some reason only go up to five) and not really lookin forward to the prospect of what seem in comparison boring normal grades. The project has rekindled my interest in exploring music on different levels and i feel as though there is more in music than getting to high B early in the morning! thanks again bye

  • Lauren says:

    Heya matt
    I no its been a while since the Lichfield festival ended but you’ve given me so much inspiration. I felt really down about playing the cello like id never really get as good as a wanted to. Before meeting you I wasn’t enjoying music and at times I wanted to give up but you made me enjoy music again like I did when I 1st started playing. Watching you play has made me realise that I love the cello and I just want to thank you so much for the experience
    Thank you from lauren xx

  • Hey Lauren,
    Fellow cellist! Always a real pleasure to hear of someone getting more into anything: the passion is what it’s all about, and in a way it doesn’t matter if it’s cellos, aeroplanes, or gardening, so long as it’s passionate!
    But still glad it’s cello….
    Good luck
    Matthew x

  • Justin says:

    Just watched the programme for the first time tonight and enjoyed it. I also read your letter to Norman Lebrecht and have to say that your vitriol rather undermines you. And does it really help your argument to correct trivial errors such as the number of programmes in the series??

  • Hi Justin,
    I think that journalistic accuracy is really important, yes. If a writer makes so many mistakes in one short article, how can you trust anything he says?
    If he really concentrates so little as to get so many things wrong, is that serious writing? To me no.
    best wishes

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