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Without music, life would be an error.

Friedrich Nietzsche

Kings Place

Wow – the new Kings Place is the most brilliant concert hall! I was part of the opening celebrations at the weekend, playing a recital with Stephen de Pledge on piano (Schumann, Britten, Matthews), and was blown away by the acoustic. I prefer it to the dear Wigmore Hall (which is still wonderful), because it is so clear, even when the piano is playing really full and loud, and you can create so much colour. It’s like being inside an enormous musical instrument. What a treat – I’m looking forward to a mini residency I have there in September next year. It’s also great in that you can really feel the audience in a good way, they don’t seem distant at all.

With its prime location just next to King’s Cross, I think this is going to become a very popular venue – and it’s also got everything right backstage, and in the foyers; great art exhibits, excellent restaurants etc etc. It’s so refreshing when it turns out right!

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  • Alan McBride says:

    The concert was awesome Matthew. Great acoustics. My friends loved the Matthews piece; I’m a bit more old-fashioned – the Schumann made me smile.

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