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John Metcalfe

I have just been checking out John Metcalfe’s latest album, A Darker Sunset. John is one of my favourite composers and collaborators, and this CD is so inspiring – he has such a clear voice, and is a master of the electronic medium, while keeping all the tenderness of acoustic strings and voices, with the most extraordinary drummer (Andy Gangadeen) underpinning it all. Go and get it!!!!! John Metcalfe’s website

The album features his version of Constant Filter that I commissioned in 2006 for the On The Road tour, and it’s gorgeous. (I’ll be playing that all round Sweden next week.)

And I’m looking forward to recording and performing several more pieces that John has written for me that I had to postpone this year…this is contemporary music and it’s full, rich, heartful, sophisticated etc. I’m so excited when I find an album I love!

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