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Without music, life would be an error.

Friedrich Nietzsche


Played last night in Hammarö, which was a delightful experience – such warm people! I gave a masterclass in the afternoon for three talented cellists, which was a good experience; they were all so dedicated to the cello, and eager to play a learn. The concert was in a hall with a great acoustic – not too resonant which is perfect for this programme – and enjoyed myself thoroughly. Sometimes playing in smaller places can be the most rewarding as the audiences seem to just love music so much. Köping tonight – can anyone tell me why that is prounounce with a ‘sh’ sound for the K?


  • Paulina says:

    I´m not sure I have the answer for your question, but I can tell you that there are lots of words in the swedish languige that is prounounce whith “sh” for the K. For exampel our word for chicken, is kyckling in swedish and kiss is kyss in swedish.
    I hope I at least gave you less to think about.
    I also whant to thank you for your commitment whith our orchestra today. I was one of the students.
    Good luck with your coming performances.

  • Ulf Tilly says:

    Hi Matthew, thank you for the seminar i Köping today. Unfortunately I couldn´t attend your concert tonight since I live in Stockholm and had to head home earlier today. I do hope you had a tremendously fun concert with lots of youngsters in the public!

    Yours sincerely,
    Ulf Tilly, the Crumpler guy

  • Christian &Helena Widera says:

    Matthew, we (me and my doughter Helena) would like to thank You for a very sublime, beautiful music-experience. Helena is 8 and playing the violine at school, she was the one, who “took” me to Your concert in “Shöpig” yesterday.
    I WAS ENJOYING EVERY MOMENT OF IT. Thank You , man, it was just… WOW…! I’m not a great music man, love the classics, of course. But this was …DIFFERENT. You are bringing LIFE into it. Sometimes Your cello sonds like a VIOLIN, simply beautiful. I closed my eyes and just… WAS. This was for me a TO BE – experience. Thank You for that, with all my heart. The 2 last pieces of music, very special. Too bad, that they are not on the CD’s.. Are they publicated ? I have the Silver Swan at home, but i would like to hear the “OOOOOMMMM” – sounds in combination with Your cello at home again !
    PS Some sounds, in combination, are a little special in swedish. The combination with a “k” for instance. The combination K with “ä” , “ö”, “i”, “y” sounds like sh… Some things are just the way they are, hehehe… But it’s not a problem, if You want to say KOPING. Every german does…;o)
    Once more , thanks for Yesterday, it was beautiful, all our love to You, CHRIS & HELENA WIDERA.

  • Matthew says:

    I’m really happy you liked it. And thanks for the pronunciation tips!

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