Matthew Barley/Cellist

Music is the hidden arithmetical exercise of a mind unconscious that it is calculating.


A feast of Swedish Cellists!

I had a great afternoon today, working with 23 young Swedish cellists in a town near the Arctic Circle called SkellefteÃ¥ (I’m so pleased I found the key that makes a little circle above the ‘a’). I loved flying in here over the pines forests, and as soon as you disembark from the plane you smell the clear air, so perfect.

They were really delightful students in a very impressive music school, and we had a good time learning some difficult rhythmic exercises. It was also very good to see so many of them at the concert afterwards, in a hall with a very good acoustic.

And that brings my Swedish tour to an end. Many thanks for your emails and wonderful comments and so many presents (linen, metalwork, chocolates, and even a piece of cheese!), it’s been great to meet you all – I look forward to next time, when I may be able to say a few more words in your very shtrÃ¥nge länjgskuage.