Matthew Barley/Cellist

Music is the universal language of mankind.


This Is It

Have just had the most wonderful week in Eccles working with brilliant 6th form students and the Eccles Community Choir.

We’re written a very exciting piece, “This Is It”, that we’ll perform and record for BBC Radio 3 tomorrow night. It has been genuinely moving to find such enthusiasm for music here – the college has been amazing; great facilities, wonderful staff, and a very chilled out atmosphere. I’m sure the concert will be a great success, and all thanks to the great energy and music that the students and choir have come up with. We will be the second half of the concert; in the first half I play Mark Anthony-Turnage’s Kai with the BBC Philharmonic which is a beautiful piece – a requiem for the death of young cellist Kai Scheffler back in 1989. The whole thing is so well supported by the BBC and the college.
I wish all projects could be like this.