Matthew Barley/Cellist

Music exemplifies nature’s harmony – it balances man and heaven.

Ancient Chinese tract

The Silver Swan Free Download

I have recently re-released The Silver Swan album digitally after it being unavailable for several years.

It’s always been a recording close to my heart, partly as it was my first solo venture, and partly because it was such a rewarding proeess to create it. The music is classical – Bach, Bizet, Allegri, Britten, Pärt, Stravinsky, Purcell and more – and arranged for multiple cellos which took a long time to record. I came up with an idea for multi-tracking that involved creating a spoken guide track that I could hear as I recorded – it meant I could synchronise all the parts but not have to be a slave to a clicktrack.

The album now lives on Spotify, iTunes and all other streaming platforms. I am hoping by offering a free download it will tempt you to listen further

The free track here is Dido’s Lament by Purcell – this track was featured in Sally Potter’s film The Party in a hilarious scene with Kristin Scott-Thomas and Timothy Spall

      Didos Lament