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Sabbatical ’til September

Shoulder problems having continued, I have decided to cancel all engagements until next season.

The first concert back after my break will be the Messaien Quartet for the End of Time at the Proms, on 4th September, with Martin Fröst, Anthony Marwood and Thomas Larcher.


  • Pepy Michaelides says:

    Hi Matthew!

    A warm hello from Cyprus.

    I was planning to go to one of your concerts and later at the City of London Festival. So sad to hear about your injury. All the best for you and hope this time is a perfect healing and more… time for you.

    You are always remembered here with great admiration, gratitude and love.

    Hope you get well very soon.


  • ruth says:

    hey matt, hang on in there. I’ve been there too and you are doing absolutely the right thing by resting up properly. I am proud to claim 100% movement recovered (so many apparently do not) and I cannot recommend enough SWIMMING as soon as you can (and in my case some Ayurvedic massage and Karnatic singing hepled quite alot!) Much love and speedy recovery!

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