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Music exemplifies nature’s harmony – it balances man and heaven.

Ancient Chinese tract

Recording John Metcalfe

I’m now starting a to record a CD of John Metcalfe’s music. John has been super-busy working on all the arrangements for Peter Gabriel’s new album (out in 2 weeks), but has found time to write a new suite of pieces for cello and piano. The remainder of the CD will be cello and electronics – sometimes very subtle, as in the Suite of 4ths (where the computer adds a 4th below each note I play, so that when I play two notes at once, you hear a sumptuous 4-note chord), and sometimes forming a large part of the musical landscape, as in Constant Filter. The latter piece was one I commissioned 3 years ago for the On The Road tour, and was the runaway success of that programme.

So I’m at home, recording on a pair of Schoeps microphones, through an Apogee Duet, into my trusty MacBook Pro and onto Logic 8. It’s so simple to record these days! It’s really wonderful to be able to work exactly when I want, and I’m really looking forward to playing around with the sound, and tweaking things at my leisure! More to follow…

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