Matthew Barley/Cellist

Music is well said to be the speech of Angels.

Thomas Carlyle

New CD released

Constant Filter, my new CD of all John Metcalfe‘s music, is now available on Signum Records on their website where you can also listen to some clips, or on Amazon.


Listen to a 9′ podcast about the disc here:


The official launch was on Friday at Kings Place where I played much of the material for the first time live. It was one of the hardest concerts I’ve ever done. There was so much to do: playing the electric cello, dealing with the footpedals, trying to figure out the sound through the monitoring system (what was me, what was the computer effects? What do I adjust if it’s out of tune???), allowing for capricious computer technology that seemed to change so many things from the soundcheck to the show…but it was very exciting to be playing it live, and I can’t wait for other performances coming up of Metcalfe in Latvia, Hong Kong, and several back in the UK. With a good sound system like they have at Kings Place, it’s really a magical sound world.

And a highlight of the week for me was playing with John’s band on Thursday – they are just totally brilliant, and it was a deep joy and honour. To cap the week, last night we had a very memorable evening with the magnificent young Carducci Quartet who I’m sure of destined for great things – incredible unity of intention and sound.

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