Matthew Barley/Cellist

Music is the deepest of the arts, and deep beneath all arts.

EM Forster

Live Streaming from Kings Place

For those who can’t get to Kings Place this week but would like to check out a concert (including the Virtual Cellist, so I really will be virtual at that stage…), some of them will be streamed live from the Plush TV website, who are also filming concerts for subsequent DVD release.

For details of which concerts, and for the actual streaming: Here’s the link


  • Susannah says:

    you rock, brother! i heard most of yr tabla concert….:-) awesome. really.
    love you.

  • hello matthew!
    we are laurie and sharina, do you remember us? We are two stundents
    from amadeus lyceum, we loved the three days at Hilversum with you and fraser. It was really really nice. And we look forward to see you again in March.
    your website looks nice.
    we come to london at 16 december. Maybe we can meet you there,

    Best Wishes, Laurie & sharina. Amadeuslyceum –

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