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Back in Köln with BTN

Between The Notes has another concert in the Köln Philharmonie tomorrow. It’s a wonderful hall and a wonderful project, to play Fraser Trainer’s Gadget, a concerto for BTN and orchestra, with interpolated improvisations between the movements from the very talented Gurzenich Orchestra Ensemble and the Herzchlag students, all conducted by Markus Stenz. This is the sixth time we’ve been out here in a year, and the orchestra is very remarkable, just so generous and musical and willing to take risks and experiment. I think that they will be starting a creative strand of community music that will be unique in Germany.


  • Laura says:

    Hi Matthew (and the rest of BTN)!
    The Between the Notes-Website seems to be out of work (and not up to date as well!), thats why my entry appears here!
    Thanks for the wonderful concert and the – short, but nevertheless – great time!
    It’s such a pleasure to play with you guys and to be part of something new, unknown and interesting.
    I had lots of fun and new impressions and experience and somehow I always start(ed) to enjoy playing the clarinet even more after your workshops.
    Have a great time until September, 26th (Sam told us you’ll be here in Cologne again)

    best wishes, thank you,

  • Hi Laura,
    We all had a really great time! You guys were all absolutely brilliant: patient, disciplined, and most of all, great musicians! So thank YOU.
    See you next time we hope.
    Matthew and the rest of BTN

  • Larissa says:

    Hey Matthew and of course the rest of BTN,
    just can repeat what Laura said. The concert was so amazing. It was so much fun to see how you got everyone into the improvisation, even the orchestra musicians, who seemed really suprised. I was feeling a terribly great energy flowing throught that concert, especially when everyone joined in.
    It’s right, what Laura said. After your workshops I am always extremly motivated. You know, before last weekend, I was kinda loosing joy of making music, as I’m gonna play at a competetion next week which has been developed in several rounds for nearly half a year. I was so depressed by playing just for pleasing the jury and bored by my pieces. You somehow took me out of this crisis, cause yesterday while playing my programm I felt a new power and so much joy. Thanks so much for this!
    Anyhow, it’s good to hear you had a great time as well!
    See you in September, hopefully!
    Best wishes, Larissa

  • Insa says:

    Hi Matthew (and hi to the rest)
    I just really wanted to thank you for the wonderful time I had during the concert preparations.
    It was awesome to work with you again and to feel all the spirit and the energy that we had during our workshop in September last year.
    I really, really enjoyed it.
    It’s so much fun and I think working with you (this time and the last time) is the one of the best things I’ve ver done.
    It’s a pity that we only had so little time to prepare the concert, but it was fun, though.
    So you enjoyed it as well (as I can remark from your answer) and I really, really hope to see you on September 26th, which would be my birthday and would be the greatest gift for me – actually. . .
    Have a good time and hope to see you in September.
    Best wishes and (as you always say) take care.

  • Roswitha says:

    Hi Matthew and the BTN Creative Unit,

    I loved the concert on Sunday in Cologne, especially the improvisation parts were exiting.
    When you included all musicians on stage in the last session even the conductor couldn’t hold himself back but joint in. The passion for music found a home in the Cologne Philharmonie.

    And thank you again for the fantastic birthday CD with all your signatures… It made my day!

    Kind regards,

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